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Tytuł: Sanatorium Mona Lisa

Napisano: 2011-12-09 13:24:28
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Rewelacja, jeszcze takiego obiektu sanatoryjnego nie widziałem.Polecam wszystkim jako doskonałe miejsce do wypoczynku !!!!
Tytuł: Memebake: thanks for

Napisano: 2013-09-27 07:27:36
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Memebake: thanks for your ceommnt. I think it's a question of what the Angel's position is within the context of Lewis' story, and what its position is in Dr Sinason's application of that story to the context of therapy. Within the story, the Angel is not an abusive therapist, because the Lizard is not a separate person deserving to be treated with its own integrity, but a parasite needing to be removed and eradicated. The Angel's behaviour may constitute a useful how not to do it for therapists, but only as a consequence of the parallels between Lewis' story and therapy being so imperfect. Still an interesting and enlightening comparison for Dr Sinason to draw, though.
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Napisano: 2013-09-30 05:24:34
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The inherent gdenooss in humans as discussed by Adam reminded me of Arthur Mervyn and his tendency to help others no matter what. Rieux is a character who exhibits this gdenooss, but to loop in the discussion from last class, I think Camus intends for the reader to juxtapose Rieux's end to that of Tarrou, Cottard, and Rambert, and see that he does not end up in a much different place. Instead of reading Rieux's actions as heroic and what Camus champions as the way to act during a plague, I think his actions, in comparison with the rest of the characters and unnamed citizens, suggest relativism in the face of the plague, and in life. Also in the last class, Suel commented that only after the partial collapse of society thanks to the plague do people's true drives emerge and they finally start living for themselves. This idea made me question why people did not act for themselves, in a way conscious of their eventual death, at all times. To tie the two points together, could Camus be arguing for a wider acceptance of relativism not only in times of strife?
Tytuł: D3OWewQXAN4S

Napisano: 2013-09-30 09:49:50
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Firstly, while I appreciate the quip about skype, you must admit, it is a total fail cdioisernng skype is FREE.But onto more sterner stuff , I think that your dichotomous take on religeon is quite interesting. Isn't it strange that as recently as the 1940 s, people still reacted to disease in such a manner? When we come across the idea of visitations' in Defoe, it makes sense cdioisernng the context of the times; but as recent (relatively) as the mid 20th Century, such appeals seem absurd. Rieux reflects on past plagues as one would expect from a modern' citizen, and it is interesting to contemplate the coatails that hang on in the public conscience with respect to religion-driven interpretations of disease. I was keenly reminded of Ibsen's Ghosts this is precisely what Mrs. Alving is referring to when she comments on the defunct theories and mannerisms that we embody and that make up who we are and thus, how society is. If such a modern albeit dead boring society was so moved by religeous allegory, it raises questions about whether society can indeed outgrow archaic ideals, but more saliently, whether it should. [url=]mbzeerx[/url] [link=]ofjlhhm[/link]
Tytuł: QuotesChimp now come

Napisano: 2014-03-05 12:54:47
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QuotesChimp now come to the subject of rates. We have already learned that a premium is the amount we pay for insurance. That is a good general definition. But how is the premium determined? By magic? No. By the number of units of insurance purchased multiplied by the rate per unit.